Davvi natural cosmetics line is the fruit of a combined passion for Lapland’s lush nature and its natural gifts. The Davvi product line active agents emerge directly from the pure nature of Lapland and Finland. Traditional know-how allied with the latest research results on the subject matter have been used to develop these products.

Natural oils and extracts made from wild berries, grains and trees are used in the cosmetic product line. Davvi’s raw materials are rigorously chosen and their effects, when used in natural cosmetics, have been studied at university level in several countries. (More information on the Studies page)

The production process includes zero synthetic chemicals. Raw materials are certified. The products contain zero parabens and synthetic preservatives and neither the products nor the raw materials have been tested on animals.

The Davvi line includes products both for women (DAVVI Natural Lift Restorative Face Cream and DAVVI Smoothing Eye Serum) and for men (DAVVI Refreshing Aftershave Eau de Toilette and DAVVI Calming Aftershave Balm). The product line is constantly developing and range will expand in the future.

Davvi – Nurturing You and Your Skin’s Natural Well-Being