Do you want to become a retailer?

Davvi is a top-quality natural cosmetics line from Finnish Lapland, 100% of natural origin. The active substances of the products are based on the oils and extracts of Lapland’s and Finland's wild berries as well as the northern forest trees and plants. The natural cosmetics raw materials proved to be the world’s best are used as a supplement. Whenever possible our raw materials are certified and organic.

Our products will be sold in cosmetics departments within renowned department stores, natural product stores, as well as specialty stores selling Lapland products. This product is perfect for spas and hotel beauty offers as well as aesthetics salons. Products are also sold on our online store.

What counts for us? Natural well-being, purity, natural raw materials as well as Lapland and our love for nature. If you have these same values then you’re well suited to be a retailerwithin our Davvi family. Together we exchange information and ideas, and work together to develop products and services.

As a retailer you will never just be left out in the cold! Whenever you need us we’ll happily give you all the necessary support, information as well as endless advice. Your own opinions are important to us and we’ll always appreciate any expertise you have to offer.

You'll be helped out with our general marketing tools, for example, if you so wish we can provide you with a sales rack to make your product-display more attractive for customers. You'll be trained regarding the products and their active substances. Along with the products, we'll also provide you with a special customer-oriented booklet, allowing them to read-up about the active substances and raw material sources.

If you think you’d like to be part of our family, please contact.